The Unique Functions of Cosmeceuticals

At present, there are 16000 shops called “cosmeceutical shops” in Japan. These shops mainly sell medicines, cosmetics and articles for daily use to the public. According to the report, the total saleroom of these shops in 2004 has reached 4.2 trillion yen.

In fact, cosmeceuticals are the special cosmetics for the skin problems. They are mainly sold in drugstores like According to the experts, the cosmeceuticals mainly contain medical compositions instead of cosmetic compositions. The aim is to reveres the aging of the human body. Generally speaking, the additives in cosmeceuticals contain vitamins, metal substances, plant agents and so on. However, there is no precious concept about this kind of unique make-up. Many people think that cosmeceuticals are the cosmetics and skin care products designed for people with troublesome skin.

Many people want to know the unique functions of cosmeceuticals. First, cosmeceuticals can activate the functions of skin. The skin care products contain high-density vitamin C, tartaric acid and anti-oxidants to kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation. Second, the products can play an important role in enhancing the medical effect. In many European countries, many doctors like to advise cosmeceuticals as the assistant of medicines to control the secretion of sebum and restrain the formation of acne for people. Third, the products can protect and improve the skin for people to prevent excessive stimulation. People with troublesome skin can not use common skin care products on the market. Fourth, the products can protect the skin for people after operation. After people receive cosmetic surgeries, they need cosmeceuticals with soft nature to improve the skin. Because of these unique functions, cosmeceuticals are very popular all over the world.

In France, functions products like anti-cellulite cream are rather common. What’s more, the functional products for the old are also general. This is because the French people pay great attention to the anti-aging. The dry air in France can seriously accelerate the aging of the human body. The most popular products in France are the products of anti-aging and anti-oxidation.

Therefore, people with troublesome skin can choose cosmeceuticals to deal with skin problems if they can not choose suitable common skin care products for themselves. At the same time, if people want to prevent various possible problems like allergy, they can also choose cosmeceuticals in daily life, as the nutrients like tartaric acid, vitamins and anti-oxidants can protect the skin softly.